How to use

Installation: Download the setup file and double click it to start installation. Keep following the instructions. With in minutes, FlowPy will get installed in your computer.

How to use FlowPy V4:
Here is a video on Youtube showing the use of FlowPy V4:

Download this video: FlowPyV4

How to use older version of FlowPy:
1. Double click on FlowPy to start it. You will get a GUI like this:


2. Click on "Input File" to identify the Flowcytometry data file (in FCS format).
3. Click on "Extract Data" and follow the instructions to extract the whole data set in an output file and save that as a tab delimited text file.
4. You can open the text file either in Wordpad or in a spreadsheet software like MS Excel.

To know more on how to use FlowPy, check these slides: PowerPoint PDF

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