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FlowPy user interface has been completely redesigned in version 4.

Please note: FlowPy handles Listmode files in FCS format only. We have tested FlowPy with data files generated by BD FACSCalibur, BD Influx, and Guava easyCyte HT. If you face any problem with your data file, please contact us.

Download the latest GUI version of FlowPy: FlowPy.V5 (13.05.20013) : 21 MB (change log)

This is Windows version and has been tested in Windows XP and Windows 7.

Download this setup file. Double click to start installation and follow the instructions. In minutes, you are done and ready to use FlowPy.

Citation information: Please cite FlowPy in publication as 'FlowPy ('

licence information: Do not use any of the codes/programs/scripts provided here, in parts or as it is, for commercial uses. You may use them only for academic/non-commercial research purposes.

Source code for FlowPy.V4: FlowPy.V4

Older Versions:
1. FlowPy.V4 (change log)
2. FlowPy.V3.1 (change log)
3. FlowPy.V3 (change log)
4. FlowPy.V2

If you like to work without a GUI, we have a smaller version of FlowPy. Note that this will only allow you to extract the whole data set. You can not select a sub-set of data and extract that using this version.

Download non-GUI version of FlowPy.

You have to install the following to make the tool work.
Python Download Python (Size: 14.4 MB)
Numpy Download Numpy (Size: 4.7 MB)
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